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Welcome to Bali Mama!

Embark on a journey of self-care and wellness tailored just for you – the mama-to-be.


What is Bali Mama prenatal yoga on demand?

Bali Mama Prenatal Yoga session is your sanctuary of prenatal yoga. Mama can access at their convenience. The term "on-demand" indicates that mama have the flexibility to practice yoga whenever they prefer, allowing them to fit sessions into their own schedules. Bali Mama is a pre-recorded sessions carefully crafted for mamas to follow at their own pace, in the comfort of their sacred space. Dive into trimester-specific practices, empowering you to choose what suits each stage of this beautiful journey. 

-For your safety, please consult with your midwife or doctor before beginning your practice-

Why Practice Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy, the incredible transformation from a tiny seed to a full-sized miracle, brings its own set of adjustments. For mamas experiencing the nuances of a growing belly, movement becomes a soothing ally, strengthening both body and spirit. Whether through breathwork, mat or chair yoga, stillness, or purposeful movement – each practice is a meditation, an elevation of awareness within your changing body.

When to Practice?

The choice is yours, a gift to unwrap daily. Whether morning for the fresh air, afternoon to rejuvenate, or evening for peaceful rest – weave this practice seamlessly into your routine.


Welcome to a journey where self-love transforms into strength and joy!


Best Value

All Trimester Prenatal Yoga



Every month

Monthly unlimited access to all trimester sessions

Valid until canceled

All second trimester sessions

All third trimester sessions

First Trimester - Gentle Prenatal & Balancing Hormone

Second Trimester Prenatal Yoga



Every month

Monthly unlimited access to second trimester sessions

Valid until canceled

Celebrate Your Blossoming Body

Empower Mama

Feel Energized

Improve Digestive System

Third Trimester Prenatal Yoga



Every month

Monthly unlimited access to third trimester sessions

Valid until canceled

Top to Toe Prenatal Bliss

Prenatal Chair Yoga

Yin - Slow down time for mama

Welcoming the Baby-Pelvic and Hips focus

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