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At Bali Mama, we're not just about yoga; we're about empowering mamas at every step of their incredible journey. From the blossoming First Trimester to the triumphant Third Trimester, our Prenatal Yoga isn't just a class – it's a powerful ally for every mama.

Picture this: Body and breath in perfect harmony, guiding you through the beautiful dance of pregnancy. As a fellow mama, I discovered firsthand the magic of Prenatal Yoga. It wasn't just about staying energized; it was about embracing relaxation, feeling prepared for birth, and celebrating the journey.

With over a decade of guiding hundreds of mamas in Bali, Bali Mama was born. It's not just a platform; it's a sanctuary where we share breathing exercises, meditation, movements, and body awareness. But, most importantly, it's where mamas get some well-deserved ME time!

And guess what? Bali Mama isn't confined to the studio; we bring the magic to you with in-person private prenatal yoga, partner yoga, and postnatal yoga.

Join Bali Mama – because every mama deserves her moment to shine!

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Win´e Pramiyanti

Mother - Yoga practitioner - Founder

Winé Pramiyanti (Winé), founder of Bali Mama, is a mother of two boys, both born gently at home with a midwife. As a yoga teacher and resident teacher at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, Winé focuses in Hatha, Yin and Acupressure points, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Prenatal Yoga. Her passion for Prenatal Yoga ignited during her first pregnancy in 2006, where the benefits of body movement through yoga and pilates, combined with nature and dance, became evident—she even loves Latin dance!

Inspired by her own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, Winé initiated the Prenatal Yoga Program in 2010 at Bumi Sehat Foundation, a non-profit birthing clinic in Ubud. Bumi Sehat Foundation plays a crucial role in providing safe and gentle prenatal care and natural birth to the local community in Bali. Winé believes that prenatal and postnatal yoga offer wonderful support for all mamas.

An Indonesian native born in Bandung, West Java, Winé has called Ubud home since 2006, where she continues to share the gift of wellness through yoga

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Practice anywhere, anytime

Wherever Mama finds herself—whether she's on the move, carving out private moments at home, new to the yoga experience, or simply desiring the flexibility to practice on her own schedule—she can embark on a safe and enriching yoga practice anywhere with Bali Mama prenatal yoga sessions.

Crafted with the well-being of pregnant Mamas in mind, our series features movements designed for each trimester, offering a personalised journey through pregnancy.


*As a precaution, we advise consulting with your midwife or doctor before diving into your practice for added assurance and guidance.


Her online videos are very useful at anytime I want to practice 2-3 times a week. Easy to understand, good pace, and makes me feel good after - Anastasia (Ukraine)

I had in person sessions with Wine for prenatal and postnatal. She really helped me to be prepared for birth and gained my strength again after I gave birth. - Margaux (France)

She is incredibly patient and knowledgeable, guiding us through each movement with clarity and care. Her understanding of what pregnant mothers need is remarkable, and she explains the rationale behind each movement thoughtfully. Wine also shares invaluable tips on how to relieve contractions during labor, making her classes not just beneficial for the body, but also for preparing mentally for childbirth. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in prenatal yoga. - Aline (Singapore)

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