Support system for mother is needed during the pregnancy and after the baby's birth.
As a mother myself, I found doing prenatal yoga and exercise during pregnancy was benefiting.
It kept me sane and healthy inside out. 

Bali Mama begins from experience that I'd like to share with mothers, whether expecting or already gave birth. 

Bali Mama is an offering for pregnant or post birth mama as a support to maintain wellness through yoga, pilates, meditation, and breathing practice. Not to forget, ME time! 
We offer in person private prenatal yoga, partner yoga, postnatal yoga and also online classes.

As an addition Bali mama offers doula service and holistic treatment such as acupuncture, by appointment. Acupuncture can be taken for maintenance during pregnancy or recovery post birth and doula is great option if you need someone who you could rely into for question and be there for you at birth and post birth.

Reach out to Bali Mama and we can also weave a lovely package for you! :)


Mother - Yoga teacher - Founder

Wine is a native Indonesian, born and raised in Bandung, West Java, and made Ubud home since 2006.

She is a mother of two boys, both were born gently at home with a midwife. Prenatal yoga and women's wellness became one of her passion as part as teaching yoga in general. It began from her first birth, she felt the benefit of body movement through yoga and pilates, and also by spending time in nature.


Embodied teaching and sharing wellness from her pregnancy, birth, and post birth experience made her initiated prenatal yoga in 2010 at Bumi Sehat Foundation, a non profit birthing clinic in Ubud, Bali. Bumi Sehat Foundation is serving a large scale local community for getting a proper prenatal care and natural birth. She believes prenatal and postnatal yoga is such a wonderful support for all the mamas!


More about Bumi Sehat Foundation :



Practice anywhere, anytime

Whether mama's traveling, wanting some private time at home, or new to yoga, mama can practice safely and certainly be creative with the props.

All practice are gentle. As pregnancy shift mama to become intuitive, always trust the intuition and the body not to do certain posture if it doesn't feel right.

Please consult with the midwife or obstetrician before practice. 


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