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Bali Mama offers what mama needs to go through each stage of pregnancy.

From the first trimester all the way to the third trimester, one of the support systems to guide mama through pregnancy is yoga, which is body and breath connection.


As a mother myself, I found that doing prenatal yoga and exercise when I was pregnant was benefiting. 

It makes me feel energized, also relaxed, and more prepared for the birth! 

Sharing from my own experience, I birth Bali Mama as a platform to share breathing exercise, meditation, movements, and body awareness.  

Above all, it's purposely so mama can have ME time! 


Bali Mama also offers in person private prenatal yoga, partner yoga, and postnatal yoga.



Mother - Yoga teacher - Founder

Wine is a mother of two boys, both were born gently at home with a midwife.

She's a yoga teacher and one of the teacher at The Yoga Barn, Ubud-Bali. Offering different classes from hatha to yin, Prenatal yoga and women's wellness became one of her passion. It all began from her first pregnancy, she experienced the benefit of body movement through yoga and pilates, additionally supported by spending time in nature.


Embodied teaching and sharing wellness from her pregnancy, birth, and post birth experience made her initiated prenatal yoga in 2010 at Bumi Sehat Foundation, a non profit birthing clinic in Ubud, Bali. Bumi Sehat Foundation is serving a large scale local community for getting a proper prenatal care and natural birth. She believes prenatal and postnatal yoga is such a wonderful support for all the mamas!

Wine is Indonesian, born in Bandung, West Java, and made Ubud home since 2006.


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Practice anywhere, anytime

Whether mama's traveling, wanting some private time at home, new to yoga, or simply manage her own time to practice, mama can practice safely anywhere she wants.

All practice in the videos are made for pregnant mama for each trimester.

*Please consult with the midwife or doctor before practice. 


Her online videos are very useful at anytime I want to practice. Easy to understand, good pace, and makes me feel good after

Jen - Singapore

Her service is totally recommended, online and in person. She guides the practice safely!

Lucy - Australia

I had in person sessions with Wine for prenatal and postnatal.

She really helped me to be prepared for birth and gained my strength again after I gave birth.

Margaux - France

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Prenatal Yoga
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